Warrior-Poet Tattoos

  • Source: Crown Store – 1,000 Crowns
  • Availability: All
  • Decorate your epidermis with writhing, sinuous, barbed fingers of mystic energy evoking the imagery associated with Lord Vivec, Tribune and Warrior-Poet of Morrowind!

Warrior-Poet Tattoos - Female FrontWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Female BackWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Female SideWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Male FrontWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Male BackWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Male Side

Warrior-Poet Tattoos - Khajiit FrontWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Khajiit BackWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Khajiit SideWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Argonian FrontWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Argonian BackWarrior-Poet Tattoos - Argonian Side