Vyrundil [EU]

  • Character: Vyrundil of EU
  • Submitted by: lukas1624
  • Hello there,

    "Here I present Vyrundil, stern and proud Altmer of ancient Direnni lineage, whose ancestors came back to the Isles after they suffered defeat in the distant lands of High Rock centuries ago.

    After a century or more of studies of the Arcane Schools he decided it was time to leave the Isles, and so he started wondering the lands of the Arena, to help those in need yes, but mainly to widen his knowledge in all fields known to the Mer. Never forgetting its roots and the achievements its people have accomplished throughout the millennia, he never really lost the Altmeri sense of pride or forgot to mention it to others, and rightly so."

    This is the first time I ever post in this place, after following it for years, and probably the last time since it took me ages to find a good look for a character, so pardon me for the not so high quality of the pictures and I hope you will enjoy, bye.

    Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
    Head Ilambris (Medium)(Hidden)/Dominion Topaz Circlet (Facial Accessory) Legendary (Gold) Crypt of Hearts I Abyssal Beryl Vine Green Entoloma Blue
    Shoulders Ilambris (Heavy) Legendary (Gold) Glirion the Redbeard's Chest Varla White Abyssal Beryl
    Chest Buoyant Armiger (Light) Legendary (Gold) Guild Traders and in Vvardenfell in chests and by stealing. Abyssal Beryl Welkynd Blue Julianos White
    Hands Abah's Watch Gloves (Light) Epic (Purple) Guild Traders and in Abah's Landing by doing Thieves Guild Tip Board quests. Abyssal Beryl Vine Green Lamae’s White
    Waist Redguard Belt (Light) Epic (Purple) Guild Traders and everywhere in Tamriel Julianos White Abyssal Beryl Vine Green
    Legs Apostle Legs (Light) Legendary (Gold) Guild Traders or by doing daily quests in Clockwork City. Entoloma Blue Abyssal Beryl
    Feet Malacath Shoes (Light) Epic (Purple) Guild Traders or by doing daily quests in Wrothgar Vine Green Vehk’s Mystic Blue Vehk’s Mystic Blue
    Weapon The Asylum's Inferno Staff Legendary (Gold) Asylum Sanctorium Trial in Clockwork City
    Offhand None Nowhere.