Vestment of Olorime

  • Source: Cloudrest
  • Style: Welkynar
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
    • (3 items) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery
    • (4 items) Adds 1096 Max Magicka
    • (5 items) Ground based effect abilities cast apply a healing circle on the ground which heals you and allies standing in the circle for 1032 every 1 second for 5 seconds.  This effect can occur every 5 seconds.

Welkynar Light - Female Robe Close FrontWelkynar Light - Female Robe Close RearWelkynar Light - Female Robe Close SideWelkynar Light - Female Robe FrontWelkynar Light - Female Robe RearWelkynar Light - Female Robe Side

Welkynar Light - Female Shirt Close FrontWelkynar Light - Female Shirt Close RearWelkynar Light - Female Shirt Close SideWelkynar Light - Female Shirt FrontWelkynar Light - Female Shirt RearWelkynar Light - Female Shirt Side

Welkynar Light - Male Robe Close FrontWelkynar Light - Male Robe Close RearWelkynar Light - Male Robe Close SideWelkynar Light - Male Robe FrontWelkynar Light - Male Robe RearWelkynar Light - Male Robe Side

Welkynar Light - Male Shirt Close FrontWelkynar Light - Male Shirt Close RearWelkynar Light - Male Shirt Close SideWelkynar Light - Male Shirt FrontWelkynar Light - Male Shirt RearWelkynar Light - Male Shirt Side

Individual Pieces

Welkynar Light Hat - Female FrontWelkynar Light Hat - Female RearWelkynar Light Hat - Female RightWelkynar Light Hat - Female Side

Welkynar Light Hat - Male FrontWelkynar Light Hat - Male RearWelkynar Light Hat - Male RightWelkynar Light Hat - Male Side

Welkynar Light Epaulets - Female FrontWelkynar Light Epaulets - Female RearWelkynar Light Epaulets - Female RightWelkynar Light Epaulets - Female Side

Welkynar Light Epaulets - Male FrontWelkynar Light Epaulets - Male RearWelkynar Light Epaulets - Male RightWelkynar Light Epaulets - Male Side

Welkynar Light Jerkin - Female FrontWelkynar Light Jerkin - Female RearWelkynar Light Jerkin - Female RightWelkynar Light Jerkin - Female Side

Welkynar Light Jerkin - Male FrontWelkynar Light Jerkin - Male RearWelkynar Light Jerkin - Male RightWelkynar Light Jerkin - Male Side

Welkynar Light Robe - Female FrontWelkynar Light Robe - Female RearWelkynar Light Robe - Female RightWelkynar Light Robe - Female Side

Welkynar Light Robe - Male FrontWelkynar Light Robe - Male RearWelkynar Light Robe - Male RightWelkynar Light Robe - Male Side

Welkynar Light Gloves - Female FrontWelkynar Light Gloves - Female RearWelkynar Light Gloves - Female RightWelkynar Light Gloves - Female Side

Welkynar Light Gloves - Male FrontWelkynar Light Gloves - Male RearWelkynar Light Gloves - Male RightWelkynar Light Gloves - Male Side

Welkynar Light Sash - Female FrontWelkynar Light Sash - Female RightWelkynar Light Sash - Female Side

Welkynar Light Sash - Male FrontWelkynar Light Sash - Male RightWelkynar Light Sash - Male Side

Welkynar Light Breeches - Female FrontWelkynar Light Breeches - Female RearWelkynar Light Breeches - Female RightWelkynar Light Breeches - Female Side

Welkynar Light Breeches - Male FrontWelkynar Light Breeches - Male RearWelkynar Light Breeches - Male RightWelkynar Light Breeches - Male Side

Welkynar Light Shoes - Female FrontWelkynar Light Shoes - Female RearWelkynar Light Shoes - Female RightWelkynar Light Shoes - Female Side

Welkynar Light Shoes - Male FrontWelkynar Light Shoes - Male RearWelkynar Light Shoes - Male RightWelkynar Light Shoes - Male Side


Battaglir Green, Quester Yellow, Ransacker Blue

Welkynar Light - Dyed Robe FrontWelkynar Light - Dyed Robe RearWelkynar Light - Dyed Robe SideWelkynar Light - Dyed Shirt FrontWelkynar Light - Dyed Shirt RearWelkynar Light - Dyed Shirt Side


Welkynar Axe 2Welkynar Axe

Welkynar Battle Axe 2Welkynar Battle Axe

Welkynar Bow 2Welkynar Bow

Welkynar Dagger 2Welkynar Dagger

Welkynar Greatsword 2Welkynar Greatsword

Welkynar Mace 2Welkynar Mace

Welkynar Maul 2Welkynar Maul

Welkynar Shield 2Welkynar Shield

Welkynar Staff 2Welkynar Staff

Welkynar Sword 2Welkynar Sword