Valkyn Skoria

  • Source:
    • Helm: Drops from “Valkyn Skoria” in Veteran City of Ash II
    • Shoulders: Glirion the Redbeard’s chest
    • Weapons: Crown Store (Outfit Style)
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) 1064 Max Health
    • (2 items) When you deal damage with a damage over time effect, you have an 8% chance to summon a meteor that deals 9000 Flame Damage to target and 4000 Flame Damage all other enemies within 5 meters. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds.

Valkyn Skoria - Female frontValkyn Skoria - Female BackValkyn Skoria - Female Side

Valkyn Skoria - Male frontValkyn Skoria - Male BackValkyn Skoria - Male Side

Valkyn Skoria - Argonian Male frontValkyn Skoria - Argonian Male RearValkyn Skoria - Argonian Male RightValkyn Skoria - Argonian Male Side

Valkyn Skoria - Khajiit Female frontValkyn Skoria - Khajiit Female RearValkyn Skoria - Khajiit Female RightValkyn Skoria - Khajiit Female Side

Individual Pieces

Valkyn Skoria Visage - Female frontValkyn Skoria Visage - Female RearValkyn Skoria Visage - Female RightValkyn Skoria Visage - Female Side

Valkyn Skoria Visage - Male frontValkyn Skoria Visage - Male RearValkyn Skoria Visage - Male RightValkyn Skoria Visage - Male Side

Valkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Female frontValkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Female RearValkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Female Right

Valkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Male frontValkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Male RearValkyn Skoria Pauldrons - Male Right


Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green, Amethyst Violet

Valkyn Skoria - Dyed frontValkyn Skoria - Dyed RearValkyn Skoria - Dyed Side