• Character: Urog Blackfang of NA
  • Submitted by: VilniusNastavnik
  • Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
    Head Blood Spawn Medium Epic (Purple) Spindleclutch 2
    Shoulders Mercenary Heavy Blood Spawn Placeholder Epic (Purple) Pledge Chests / Spindleclutch 2
    Chest Ebony Heavy Epic (Purple) Writs
    Hands Ebon Armory Epic (Purple) Crypt of Hearts 1
    Waist Ebon Armory Epic (Purple) Crypt of Hearts 1
    Legs Skinchanger Heavy Epic (Purple) 2016 Event
    Feet Heavy Mercenary Epic (Purple) Pledge Chests
    Weapon Skinchanger Sword placeholder for Ebon Sword Epic (Purple) Pledge Chests / Crypt of Hearts 1
    Offhand Mercenary Shield Epic (Purple) Pledge Chests