Trinimac’s Valor

  • Source: Overland – Wrothgar
  • Style: Trinimac
  • Set Bonus:
    • (2 Items) Adds 124 Magicka Recovery
    • (3 Items) Adds 1058 Maximum Magicka
    • (4 Items) Adds 124 Magicka Recovery
    • (5 Items) When you cast a damage shield on an ally, you have a 20% chance to call down a fragment of Trinimac that heals you and your allies for 3539 Health and damages enemies for 3539 Magic Damage in a 5 meter radius. This effect can occur only once every 5 seconds.

Trinimac Light - Female Robe Close FrontTrinimac Light - Female Robe Close BackTrinimac Light - Female Robe Close SideTrinimac Light - Female Robe FrontTrinimac Light - Female Robe BackTrinimac Light - Female Robe Side

Trinimac Light - Female Shirt Close FrontTrinimac Light - Female Shirt Close BackTrinimac Light - Female Shirt Close SideTrinimac Light - Female Shirt FrontTrinimac Light - Female Shirt BackTrinimac Light - Female Shirt Side

Trinimac Light - Male Robe Close FrontTrinimac Light - Male Robe Close BackTrinimac Light - Male Robe Close SideTrinimac Light - Male Robe FrontTrinimac Light - Male Robe BackTrinimac Light - Male Robe Side

Trinimac Light - Male Shirt Close FrontTrinimac Light - Male Shirt Close BackTrinimac Light - Male Shirt Close SideTrinimac Light - Male Shirt FrontTrinimac Light - Male Shirt BackTrinimac Light - Male Shirt Side