Toxin Doctor

  • Source: Crown Store
    • 1,000 Crowns
    • 800 Crowns – ESO+
    • Wild Hunt Crown Crate (Epic)
    • 40 Crown Gems
  • When you specialize in venoms and poison-making, you invest in special protective garb to keep from being poisoned by your own experiments—or else! And if your clients are just a little intimidated by your creepy attire, all the better.

Toxin Doctor - Female Close FrontToxin Doctor - Female Close BackToxin Doctor - Female Close SideToxin Doctor - Female FrontToxin Doctor - Female BackToxin Doctor - Female Side

Toxin Doctor - Male Close FrontToxin Doctor - Male Close BackToxin Doctor - Male Close SideToxin Doctor - Male FrontToxin Doctor - Male BackToxin Doctor - Male Side

Toxin Doctor - Argonian Male Close FrontToxin Doctor - Argonian Male Close RearToxin Doctor - Argonian Male Close SideToxin Doctor - Argonian Male FrontToxin Doctor - Argonian Male RearToxin Doctor - Argonian Male Side

Toxin Doctor - Khajiit Female Close FrontToxin Doctor - Khajiit Female Close RearToxin Doctor - Khajiit Female Close SideToxin Doctor - Khajiit Female FrontToxin Doctor - Khajiit Female RearToxin Doctor - Khajiit Female Side


Alchemist Bilious, Clothier Purple, Provisioner Brown

Toxin Doctor Dyed Close FrontToxin Doctor Dyed Close BackToxin Doctor Dyed Close SideToxin Doctor Dyed FrontToxin Doctor Dyed BackToxin Doctor Dyed Side