Torvar Dragonstrider [EU]

  • Character: Torvar Dragonstrider of EU
  • Submitted by: @S338
  • "The Dragon Emperor"

    A character inspired by the premise of a Pact victory in the alliance war. A nordic ruler has been placed upon the Ruby Throne and now leads an independent Cyrodiil. The man is battle-scarred, aged and balding. Clad in his ornate imperial regalia, the attire is heavily influenced by nordic dragon symbolism while still sporting the traditional imperial red befitting of any heartland ruler. Oh, most importantly, Torvar wields a good old fashioned two-handed axe like a true nord.

    Hail the emperor! Hail the Pact!


    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadPact Dragonclaw CircletNormal (White)Crown Store
    ShouldersEbonheart EpauletsEpic (Purple)Crown Store/PvPWyrd Tree GreenBook Cover Brown
    ChestCelestial JackEpic (Purple)Red Diamond RedWyrd Tree GreenVolunteer’s Iron
    HandsEbonheart GlovesEpic (Purple)Book Cover BrownWyrd Tree GreenBook Cover Brown
    WaistEbonheart GirdleEpic (Purple)Wyrd Tree Green
    LegsEbonheart GuardsEpic (Purple)Soul Shriven GraySoul Shriven GrayWyrd Tree Green
    FeetEbonheart ShoesEpic (Purple)Tombstone GrayWyrd Tree GreenRed Diamond Red
    WeaponEbonheart BattleaxeEpic (Purple)Volunteer’s IronWyrd Tree GreenSoul Shriven Gray

    Appearance and Companions:

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