Topal Corsair

  • Source: Obtained by entering Southern Elsweyr and completing a variety of quests in the zone
    • Head: Achievement Welcome to Pellitine
    • Chest: Quest “Another Khajiit’s Tale”
    • Shoulder: Quest “The Deadliest Prey”
    • Hands: Quest “Skooma Sequela”
    • Waist: Quest “Song of the Sand-Whale”
    • Legs: Quest “The Herbalist’s Product”
    • Feet: Quest “Take Your Lumps”

Topal Corsair - Female FrontTopal Corsair - Female RearTopal Corsair - Female RightTopal Corsair - Female SideTopal Corsair - Male FrontTopal Corsair - Male RearTopal Corsair - Male RightTopal Corsair - Male Side

Topal Corsair - Argonian Male FrontTopal Corsair - Argonian Male RearTopal Corsair - Argonian Male RightTopal Corsair - Argonian Male SideTopal Corsair - Khajiit Female FrontTopal Corsair - Khajiit Female RearTopal Corsair - Khajiit Female RightTopal Corsair - Khajiit Female Side


Battaglir Green, Forge Ember Red, Moonstone White

Topal Corsair - Dyed FrontTopal Corsair - Dyed RearTopal Corsair - Dyed RightTopal Corsair - Dyed Side