Thrassian Stranglers

  • Source: Antiquities
  • Location: Western Skyrim
  • Style: Unique
  • Bonus: Killing an enemy grants you a persistent stack of Sload’s Call, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. Each stack increases your Spell Damage by 150, but also increases your damage taken by 2%. Removing Thrassian Stranglers, crouching, or going invisible removes all stacks of Sload’s Call.
  • Potential Lead Locations:
    • Summerset (Nautilus Shell Guards): Public Dungeon Bosses
    • Auridon (Inert Anemone Inlay): World Bosses
    • Artaeum (Coral Planting): Fishing (salt water)
    • Eyevea (Sticky Integument Leather): Psijic Portals (Artaeum / Summerset)
    • Stros M’Kai (Buoyant Steel): Fishing (salt water)


Forge Ember Red, Anequina Sunrise, Julianos White