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  1. Alexander John Harvey
    16 June 2017 @ 0636

    Ok, I think I’ve pieced together everything but the gloves, and obviously the helmet since you have it hidden I assume? What gloves did you use!? It’s driving me nuts!


    • Alexander John Harvey
      17 June 2017 @ 0843

      Ha! I finally found it! Discovered a site called ESO-Styles as a great companion site for ESO-Fashion. Yokudan medium armor gloves, you sneaky little bugger.


    • Salyyn Rysa
      17 June 2017 @ 1453

      those are Yokudan medium


  2. Sashaa
    19 June 2017 @ 2129

    Very nice.

    Could you tell me which pieces were used please?


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