Star-Made Wolfshead

  • Source: Crown Store
  • Cost: 1,200 Crowns
  • Even if your background isn’t Imperial, if you admire history’s greatest warriors, you’ll want to honor Pelinal Whitestrake with this costume from Midyear Mayhem, the celebration that commemorates his deeds.

Star-Made Wolfshead Female Close FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Female Close RearStar-Made Wolfshead Female Close SideStar-Made Wolfshead Female FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Female RearStar-Made Wolfshead Female Side

Star-Made Wolfshead Male Close FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Male Close RearStar-Made Wolfshead Male Close SideStar-Made Wolfshead Male FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Male RearStar-Made Wolfshead Male Side

Star-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male Close FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male Close RearStar-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male Close SideStar-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male RearStar-Made Wolfshead Argonian Male Side

Star-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female Close FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female Close RearStar-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female Close SideStar-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female RearStar-Made Wolfshead Khajiit Female Side


Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green. Amethyst Violet

Star-Made Wolfshead Dyed Close FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Dyed Close RearStar-Made Wolfshead Dyed Close SideStar-Made Wolfshead Dyed FrontStar-Made Wolfshead Dyed RearStar-Made Wolfshead Dyed Side