Star-Brow Diadem

  • Source: Scalecaller Crown Crate – Superior
  • Cost: 16 Crown Gems
  • This elegant tiara simultaneously evokes the heavenly stars that are the source of all Magicka, and the horns of the Dragons whom the ancient Nords worshiped. Perhaps the ancient Atmorans weren’t as barbaric as they’re depicted!

Star-Brow Diadem - Female FrontStar-Brow Diadem - Female SideStar-Brow Diadem - Male FrontStar-Brow Diadem - Male Side

Star-Brow Diadem - Argonian FrontStar-Brow Diadem - Argonian SideStar-Brow Diadem - Khajiit FrontStar-Brow Diadem - Khajiit Side