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  1. Anonymous
    19 October 2019 @ 1001

    It’s not from drops, it’s a luxury vendor item.


  2. Exile
    19 October 2019 @ 1035

    The blue thread is the Luxury Furnisher item.


  3. MH
    7 September 2020 @ 1833

    Is it currently available in the game? I haven’t seen it anywhere.


  4. Anonymous
    8 September 2020 @ 0036

    The red thread is an extremely rare pickpocketing item iirc. I’ve seen exactly one in my biggest trading guild (PC/NA)
    Unfortunately I can’t remember which zone the person said they snagged it from.


  5. Kittytravel
    9 September 2020 @ 1138

    I’ll add what the rumors are to why the Red Thread is so rare.
    People who have found the thread have said they have only found it during the Hew’s Bane Thieves Guild quests, where instead of finishing the quest they pickpocket farmed the location. Hubalajad Palace is one I’ve heard of but there may be others.


  6. Anonymous
    16 January 2021 @ 1850

    There are almost no NPCs you can pickpocket. and later there are only enemies (most with lanterns). and then you can’t go bakc to Hubalajad Palace. So this should be wrong info. Another source tells that he never does pickpocketing but found it in a cargo box in Vvardenfell. (so this could be a reare but global drop item) others tell that they have found it in Elsweyr, because the item showed up when Elsweyr was released. Others told about a drop in Murkmire. Nobody really knows for sure.


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