Siegemaster Close Helm

  • Source: Combine 20 Siege of Cyrodiil Merits, available by completing District Quests in the Imperial City, with a Siege of Cyrodiil Recognition, available for purchase from Tel Var General Merchants in the Imperial City
  • The role of a siegemaster requires valor, quick thinking, and a supreme command of tactics. This helm is often worn by such leaders.

Siegemaster Close Helm - Female FrontSiegemaster Close Helm - Female RearSiegemaster Close Helm - Female RightSiegemaster Close Helm - Female Side

Siegemaster Close Helm - Male FrontSiegemaster Close Helm - Male RearSiegemaster Close Helm - Male RightSiegemaster Close Helm - Male Side

Siegemaster Close Helm - Argonian Male FrontSiegemaster Close Helm - Argonian Male RearSiegemaster Close Helm - Argonian Male RightSiegemaster Close Helm - Argonian Male Side

Siegemaster Close Helm - Khajiit Female FrontSiegemaster Close Helm - Khajiit Female RearSiegemaster Close Helm - Khajiit Female RightSiegemaster Close Helm - Khajiit Female Side


Quester Yellow, Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green

Siegemaster Close Helm - Dyed FrontSiegemaster Close Helm - Dyed RearSiegemaster Close Helm - Dyed RightSiegemaster Close Helm - Dyed Side