Shrouded Armor

  • Source: Completing quest “Signed in Blood”
  • This distinctive armor of the Dark Brotherhood marks those assassins who have been welcomed into its secretive order.

Shrouded Armor Female Close FrontShrouded Armor Female Close RearShrouded Armor Female Close SideShrouded Armor Female FrontShrouded Armor Female RearShrouded Armor Female Side


Shrouded Armor Argonian Male Close FrontShrouded Armor Argonian Male Close RearShrouded Armor Argonian Male Close SideShrouded Armor Argonian Male FrontShrouded Armor Argonian Male RearShrouded Armor Argonian Male Side

Shrouded Armor Khajiit Female Close FrontShrouded Armor Khajiit Female Close RearShrouded Armor Khajiit Female Close SideShrouded Armor Khajiit Female FrontShrouded Armor Khajiit Female RearShrouded Armor Khajiit Female Side


Amethyst Violet, Battaglir Green, Shrike Blue

Shrouded Armor Dyed Close FrontShrouded Armor Dyed Close RearShrouded Armor Dyed Close SideShrouded Armor Dyed FrontShrouded Armor Dyed RearShrouded Armor Dyed Side