Shroud of the Lich

  • ha! I found the problemSource: Crypt of Shadows
  • Style: Lich
  • Bonus:
    • (2 items) Adds 124 Magicka Recovery
    • (3 items) Adds 1058 Maximum Magicka
    • (4 items) Adds 124 Magicka Recovery
    • (5 items) When you cast an ability while under 33% Magicka, your Magicka Recovery is increased by 996 for 20 seconds. This effect can occur once every 1 minute.

Lich Light - Female Robe Close FrontLich Light - Female Robe Close BackLich Light - Female Robe Close SideLich Light - Female Robe FrontLich Light - Female Robe BackLich Light - Female Robe Side

Lich Light - Male Robe Close FrontLich Light - Male Robe Close BackLich Light - Male Robe Close SideLich Light - Male Robe FrontLich Light - Male Robe BackLich Light - Male Robe Side

Individual Pieces

Lich Light Hat - Female FrontLich Light Hat - Female RearLich Light Hat - Female RightLich Light Hat - Female Side

Lich Light Hat - Male FrontLich Light Hat - Male RearLich Light Hat - Male RightLich Light Hat - Male Side

Lich Light Epaulets - Female FrontLich Light Epaulets - Female RearLich Light Epaulets - Female RightLich Light Epaulets - Female Side

Lich Light Epaulets - Male FrontLich Light Epaulets - Male RearLich Light Epaulets - Male RightLich Light Epaulets - Male Side

Lich Light Robe - Female FrontLich Light Robe - Female RearLich Light Robe - Female RightLich Light Robe - Female Side

Lich Light Robe - Male FrontLich Light Robe - Male RearLich Light Robe - Male RightLich Light Robe - Male Side

Lich Light Gloves - Female FrontLich Light Gloves - Female RearLich Light Gloves - Female RightLich Light Gloves - Female Side

Lich Light Gloves - Male FrontLich Light Gloves - Male RearLich Light Gloves - Male RightLich Light Gloves - Male Side

Lich Light Sash - Female FrontLich Light Sash - Female RightLich Light Sash - Female Side

Lich Light Sash - Male FrontLich Light Sash - Male RightLich Light Sash - Male Side

Lich Light Breeches - Female FrontLich Light Breeches - Female RearLich Light Breeches - Female RightLich Light Breeches - Female Side

Lich Light Breeches - Male FrontLich Light Breeches - Male RearLich Light Breeches - Male RightLich Light Breeches - Male Side

Lich Light Shoes - Female FrontLich Light Shoes - Female RearLich Light Shoes - Female RightLich Light Shoes - Female Side

Lich Light Shoes - Male FrontLich Light Shoes - Male RearLich Light Shoes - Male RightLich Light Shoes - Male Side


Amethyst Violet, Recipe Reaper Red, Motif Pattern Blue

Lich Light - Dyed Robe FrontLich Light - Dyed Robe RearLich Light - Dyed Robe SideLich Light - Dyed Shirt FrontLich Light - Dyed Shirt RearLich Light - Dyed Shirt Side


Lich Axe 1Lich Axe 2

Lich Battle Axe 1Lich Battle Axe 2

Lich Bow 1Lich Bow 2

Lich Dagger 1Lich Dagger 2

Lich Greatsword 1Lich Greatsword 2

Lich Mace 1Lich Mace 2

Lich Maul 1Lich Maul 2

Lich Shield 1Lich Shield 2

Lich Staff 1Lich Staff 2

Lich Sword 1Lich Sword 2