Ruskun Once-Seeker (Vampire Lord Outfit) [EU]

  • Character: Ruskun Once-Seeker (Vampire Lord Outfit) of EU
  • Submitted by: Gguy
  • "This armored robe was worn by Ruskun Once-Seeker, an old, wise and powerful vampire originating from the city of Evermore."

    Ruskun's Vampire outfit was given to him shortly after his rise in the ranks of the Mortan Clan, it was designed by hand to provide protection, style and mobility. Ruskun wore this outfit for a very long time, even after the fall of the Mortan Clan. The outfit was intended to be one of a kind, but its schematics were recently discovered in the ruins deep bellow Evermore, meaning that others would now be able to replicate it.

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadImperial hat 1Normal (White)Rare Motif dropKhenarthi Red
    ShouldersDaedric PauldronsNormal (White)Rare Motif dropNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic Black
    ChestXivkyn JackNormal (White)Imperial City Trophy Vaults/Guild StoreKhenarthi RedNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic Black
    HandsOrc Gauntlets 3Normal (White)Motif drop or guild storeNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic Black
    WaistDark Elf girdle 1Normal (White)Motif drop or guild storeNoxophilic Black
    LegsSkinchanger GreavesNormal (White)winter event or guild storeNoxophilic BlackRank 10 MaterialsRank 10 Materials
    FeetDaedric SabatonsNormal (White)Rare Motif dropNoxophilic BlackNoxophilic BlackKhenarthi Red