Rudyard Kipling [NA]

  • Character: Rudyard Kipling of NA
  • Submitted by: shmity72

I made this character launch day one, spent some time on him. I've yet to get the heavy horned dragon pants i want, been at random daily bg's for over a year for it. lol. I really hope you enjoy these shots!



PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
Headdeath grin skull maskseasonal crown storeNightshade Purple
Shouldersmighty chudan shouldersLegendary (Gold)drop in mazzatun during eventDivine GoldNightshade PurpleVarla White
Chesthorned dragon cuirassLegendary (Gold)place in a battle ground daily, for a 'chance'Divine GoldNightshade PurplePolished Steel Gray
Handshorned dragon bracers
Waisthorned dragon girdle
Legshorned dragon breeches
Feethorned dragon boots
Weaponhorned dragon staffDivine GoldNightshade PurpleGraht-Bark Brown
Offhandopal bloodspawn staffundaunted event tickets/drop

Appearance and Companions:

Hair Stylen/a
Head Markingmorag tong face tattoo
Facial Hairn/a
Major Adornmentn/a
Minor Adornmentsacred antler earring
Body Marking
Mountancient dragon hunter horse
Non-Combat Pettangerine dragon frog