Rook Thorne [NA]

  • Character: Rook Thorne of NA
  • Submitted by: @failrogue
  • I was going for a very roguish look in a classic sense, hooded, sleek and sneaky, I think the end product ended up looking a little "Assassin's Creed", which I ended up liking a lot. I opted for gauntlets and boots with a little more metal on them than I would have expected, but I imagine having metal bracers when fighting with daggers would be beneficial. I went through a lot of hoods before I settled on the Ancient Elf, ultimately it dyed really well to match the rest and the pattern on top of the metal head plate ended up looking really similar to the pattern of the shoulders. Grey leather, dusty teal accents, black pants and subdued dark metal, the perfect look for a night of thievery and skulduggery.

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadAncient Elf LightLegendary (Gold)CraftedObsidian BlackNecromancer BlueObsidian Black
    ShouldersAssassins League MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedObsidian BlackMotif Pattern BlueWindhelm Steel
    ChestOutlaw MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedTombstone GrayWisp BlueObsidian Black
    HandsMercenary MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedWisp BlueExpert GrayObsidian Black
    WaistThieve's Guild MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedObsidian BlackObsidian Black
    LegsOutlaw MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedTombstone GrayMaormer-Eyes GrayMaormer-Eyes Gray
    FeetMercenary MediumLegendary (Gold)CraftedMages Guild BlueMaormer-Eyes GrayObsidian Black
    WeaponTrinimac DaggerLegendary (Gold)CraftedRank 8 MaterialsWindhelm SteelMaormer-Eyes Gray
    OffhandTrinimac DaggerLegendary (Gold)CraftedRank 8 MaterialsWindhelm SteelMaormer-Eyes Gray