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  1. Stretch
    14 June 2017 @ 2125

    anyone know if/where this can be pilfered, what npc type?


    • BlacknG01dWooo
      27 June 2017 @ 1659

      Not sure but i have the blueprint from the master writ frnisher – after spending like 2-3K in writs (mostly when they were still 10) – i’m xbox NA


    • GA
      13 January 2018 @ 1819

      I got it from the Master Writ Furnisher too. I don’t think there’s a place where it drops. The TTC average sale price is close to 200k, so I doubt if there is one.


  2. Anonymous
    5 May 2022 @ 1649

    It dropped for me in Moonlit Cove, southern elsweyr. PS4 NA


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