Radius Rebreather

  • Source: Flame Atronach Crown Crate (Superior)
  • Cost: 16 Crown Gems
  • Apostles who still have their original, organic lungs may want to protect them out in the Radius by investing in a full-hood Rebreather, which keeps out the storm-blown metallic motes that can lead to “brass lung”.

Radius Rebreather - Female FrontRadius Rebreather - Female BackRadius Rebreather - Female Side

Radius Rebreather - Male FrontRadius Rebreather - Male BackRadius Rebreather - Male Side

Radius Rebreather Argonian FrontRadius Rebreather Argonian RearRadius Rebreather Argonian Side

Radius Rebreather Khajiit FrontRadius Rebreather Khajiit RearRadius Rebreather Khajiit Side


Amethyst Violet, Quester Yellow, Recipe Reaper Red

Radius Rebreather Dyed FrontRadius Rebreather Dyed RearRadius Rebreather Dyed Side