Radius Mask

  • Source: Flame Atronach Crown Crate (Superior)
  • Cost: 16 Crown Gems
  • Clockwork Apostles who must venture into the frequently-inclement weather outside the Brass Fortress protect their eyes and faces by wearing a Radius Mask of synthetic wool and vitrine. Mysterious!

Radius Mask - Female FrontRadius Mask - Female BackRadius Mask - Female Side

Radius Mask - Male FrontRadius Mask - Male BackRadius Mask - Male Side

Radius Mask Argonian FrontRadius Mask Argonian RearRadius Mask Argonian Side

Radius Mask Khajiit FrontRadius Mask Khajiit RearRadius Mask Khajiit Side


Amethyst Violet, Quester Yellow, Recipe Reaper Red

Radius Mask Dyed FrontRadius Mask Dyed RearRadius Mask Dyed Side