Psijic Skullcap

  • Source: Psijic Sage: Complete “The Towers Fall” quest in Summerset
  • Psijic Order mages—and others who have earned the privilege—may choose to wear these official Skullcaps. They’re stylish in an austere way, and keep flyaway hair out of their conjurations.

Psijic Skullcap Hat Female FrontPsijic Skullcap Hat Female RearPsijic Skullcap Hat Female Side

Psijic Skullcap Hat Male FrontPsijic Skullcap Hat Male RearPsijic Skullcap Hat Male Side

Psijic Skullcap Argonian FrontPsijic Skullcap Argonian RearPsijic Skullcap Argonian Side

Psijic Skullcap Khajiit FrontPsijic Skullcap Khajiit RearPsijic Skullcap Khajiit Side


Battaglir Green, Recipe Reaper Red, Provisioner Brown

Psijic Skullcap Dyed FrontPsijic Skullcap Dyed RearPsijic Skullcap Dyed Side