Psijic Mage's Study [EU]

  • Golden Gryphon Garrett: Psijic Mage's Study [EU]
  • Submitted by: Watchdog

Elnaurwen of Lillandril, an Altmer field researcher of the Psijic Order, was tasked with conducting various research tasks, one of them involving a Light of Meridia. The Augur of the Obscure was provided to her as an advisor. This is her study room, where she often sleeps too.

Elnaurwen's favourite pet Nixad keeps her company, and nobody knows why (or how, while at it) did the ghostly housecat get decide to move in. According to the Augur of the Obscure, the transparent kitty, whose name is Roe, even keeps all the little invisible ghostly vermin at bay. Since Roe behaves and generally limits herself to watching the lights and sparks of Psijic magic in the room with great interest, Elnaurwen decided to let her stay.