Pirate Cave Part 2 – Prison and Punishment [EU]

  • Earthtear Cavern: Pirate Cave Part 2 – Prison and Punishment [EU]
  • Submitted by: Gwillewyn

If you go through the library, a bridge will lead to an unpleasant area of dread and death.
This is where the guilds dispose of those who they have no use for.
What Piharri the Smuggler did to deserve to be locked up, I don’t know. With the 35% commission she charges she definitely deserves it.
There are two cages for prisoners. A stone altar for torture, complete with Blade of Woe and a brazier of red hot tools. The guillotine has a severed head on display as a warning to all, and there are skulls, corpses, and body parts all around the podium.
Way off in the distance there’s a tiny cemetery for those who have deserved a worthy burial. For those who haven’t, there’s an old elephant graveyard where unwanted bones are disposed of.

Earthtear Cavern