ESO Fashion


  1. Gwill
    19 November 2017 @ 1409

    Ooops. Part 3 should be Life and Leisure


  2. Tezzer
    19 November 2017 @ 1614

    Amazing work! I love all of them:)


  3. stella
    20 November 2017 @ 1228

    I love the thought you put into the placement and arrangement of every piece. Even the treasure horde feels thought out and not just randomly stuffed with as much as possible. Too much stuff can make everything disappear and all you see chaos. And thanks for sharing the background story. It really added to the fun.


    • Gwill
      20 November 2017 @ 1335

      It takes a lot of precision to make things look like they are randomly heaped on top of each other. 😛


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