Pirate Cave Part 3 – Life and Leisure [EU]

  • Earthtear Cavern: Pirate Cave Part 3 – Life and Leisure [EU]
  • Submitted by: Gwillewyn

The cave is also the dwelling place of a small group of natives. Who they are, and where they come from is unclear, but a mutual live and let live agreement with the guilds seem to be working.
The inhabitants have a small camp with a cooking fire and small forge, and where they keep some farm animals. They once had a fishing boat, but it has seen better days.
There is some vegetation in the cave, but it’s less the kind you eat, and more the kind that eats you.
In the back there are some living quarters set up for someone of more civilized taste. Just a small bedroom, a bath, and a rocking chair by the fireplace.
The statue of the Weeping Mother reminds you again that this is the abode of an Assassin. Look out.
And no Pirate Cave would be complete if there wasn’t a Treasure Chest hidden behind the waterfall.

Earthtear Cavern