Peryite’s Afflicted

  • Source: Baandari Pedlar Crown Crate – Epic
  • Cost: 40 Crown Gems
  • Join the ranks of Peryite’s plague-ridden adherents and enjoy all they have to offer, including a diseased appearance!

Peryite's Afflicted - Female FrontPeryite's Afflicted - Female RearPeryite's Afflicted - Female RightPeryite's Afflicted - Female SidePeryite's Afflicted - Male FrontPeryite's Afflicted - Male RearPeryite's Afflicted - Male RightPeryite's Afflicted - Male Side

Peryite's Afflicted - Argonian Male FrontPeryite's Afflicted - Argonian Male RearPeryite's Afflicted - Argonian Male RightPeryite's Afflicted - Argonian Male SidePeryite's Afflicted - Khajiit Female FrontPeryite's Afflicted - Khajiit Female RearPeryite's Afflicted - Khajiit Female RightPeryite's Afflicted - Khajiit Female Side