Peryite Skeevemaster

  • Source: Find and use ten Plague-Drenched Fabrics in the Orccrest City Public Dungeon
  • When collaborating with rats, heavy and concealing clothes are a must. This outfit, which includes full facial coverage, grants you an inscrutable yet formidable appearance.

Peryite Skeevemaster - Female Close FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Female Close RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Female Close SidePeryite Skeevemaster - Female FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Female RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Female Side

Peryite Skeevemaster - Male Close FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Male Close RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Male Close SidePeryite Skeevemaster - Male FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Male RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Male Side

Peryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male Close FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male Close RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male Close SidePeryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Argonian Male Side

Peryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female Close FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female Close RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female Close SidePeryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Khajiit Female Side


Quester Yellow, Forge Ember Red, Shrike Blue

Peryite Skeevemaster - Dyed Close FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Dyed Close RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Dyed Close SidePeryite Skeevemaster - Dyed FrontPeryite Skeevemaster - Dyed RearPeryite Skeevemaster - Dyed Side