Orcish Zen Keep [NA]

  • Mournoth Keep: Orcish Zen Keep [NA]
  • Submitted by: Godban

My idea behind this house was to create a mix of all 3 races that are part of the Daggerfall Covenant, now a small tour (sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes).

First we have a general view of the house from the entrance, then to the right is a small garden.
Now up the stairs, there’s the crafting place, 7/7 normal crafting stations, trying to create a smal kind of “bazaar” under that orcish tent.
Now up the big stairs to the combat place, with a target dummy.
We go through 2nd floor door to the bedroom with a small desk.
All the way down the stairs we find an orcish bar + “dinning place”.
1st floor entrance door, with Craglorn Tapestry + Craglorn Brazier.
At the right hand of that door there’s this little “studio” with alik’r + bangkorai lore books, tamriel map on the back and Julianos Sigil at our left + that new Craglorn chair
Finally the trophy room with craglorn sconce; busts are separated by alliance, AD left, DC center, EP right.