Orbservatory Prior Pt 1 [XBox One]

  • The Orbservatory Prior: Orbservatory Prior Pt 1 [XBox One]
  • Submitted by: Cherokeee3

This is my first submission on this site, so fingers crossed the image quality will be retained. The clockwork city was by far one of my favorite DLCs. The sheen, monochromatic look, and overall mechanical and clean feel was a favorite of mine when deciding which housing to start first. I took some time perusing the city observing all the small minutiae. I Incorporated these small details in my Orbservatory and it gives it that "lived in" feel in my opinion. From desk tops with scattered items like coins and calipers, to a "power supply" crate outside holding the spare Animo Cores for the "Stargate entrance", these details add character to the place.