Opal Ilambris

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    • The helm style pages have a chance to drop from the final boss in Veteran Hard Mode Crypt of Hearts I
    • The shoulders can be purchased from Glirion and Maj al-Ragath if you own the base shoulder style
    • The weapons are available from Hefty Undaunted Reward Boxes from defeating the final boss of any dungeon during the Undaunted Celebration Event
    • All items are available from The Impresario for 5 Event Tickets each

Opal Ilambris - Female FrontOpal Ilambris - Female RearOpal Ilambris - Female RightOpal Ilambris - Female Side

Opal Ilambris - Male FrontOpal Ilambris - Male RearOpal Ilambris - Male RightOpal Ilambris - Male Side

Opal Ilambris - Argonian Male FrontOpal Ilambris - Argonian Male RearOpal Ilambris - Argonian Male RightOpal Ilambris - Argonian Male Side

Opal Ilambris - Khajiit Female FrontOpal Ilambris - Khajiit Female RearOpal Ilambris - Khajiit Female RightOpal Ilambris - Khajiit Female Side


Opal Ilambris Battle Axe 1Opal Ilambris Battle Axe 2Opal Ilambris Bow 1Opal Ilambris Bow 2Opal Ilambris Shield 1Opal Ilambris Shield 2Opal Ilambris Staff 1Opal Ilambris Staff 2Opal Ilambris Sword 1Opal Ilambris Sword 2