Opal Engine Guardian

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    • The helm style pages have a chance to drop from the associated boss in Veteran Hard Mode
    • The shoulders can be purchased from Glirion and Maj al-Ragath if you own the base shoulder style
    • The weapons are available from Exceptional Reward Boxes from defeating the final boss of any dungeon during the Undaunted Celebration Event

Opal Engine - Female FrontOpal Engine - Female RearOpal Engine - Female RightOpal Engine - Female Side

Opal Engine - Male FrontOpal Engine - Male RearOpal Engine - Male RightOpal Engine - Male Side

Opal Engine - Argonian Male FrontOpal Engine - Argonian Male RearOpal Engine - Argonian Male RightOpal Engine - Argonian Male Side

Opal Engine - Khajiit Female FrontOpal Engine - Khajiit Female RearOpal Engine - Khajiit Female RightOpal Engine - Khajiit Female Side


Opal Engine Guardian Bow 1Opal Engine Guardian Bow 2

Opal Engine Guardian Dagger 1Opal Engine Guardian Dagger 2

Opal Engine Guardian Greatsword 1Opal Engine Guardian Greatsword 2

Opal Engine Guardian Shield 1Opal Engine Guardian Shield 2

Opal Engine Guardian Staff 1Opal Engine Guardian Staff 2