Omrega – EU


Character – Omrega – EU – Templar

Submitted by – Peter V


Post Patch 1.3.3



PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadNoneHeavy – Helm of the FireEpic (Purple)v11Motif Master BrownEntoloma BlueLyncanthrope Gray
ShouldersKhajiitShadowhide – Arm Corps of Hunding’s RageSuperior (Blue)v14Coldharbour Ash BlackMotif Master BrownSoul Shriven Pale
ChestPrimalShadowhide – Jack of Hunding’s RageFine (Green)v14Coldharbour Ash BlackAtmoran BronzeMotif Master Brown
HandsBosmerShadowhide – Bracers of Hunding’s RageLegendary (Gold)v14Atmoran BronzeColdharbour Ash BlackMotif Master Brown
WaistPrimalShadowhide – Belt of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)v14Covenant BluePact Blood RedDominion Yellow
LegsNoneHeavy – Greaves of the FireNormal (White)v11Coldharbour Ash BlackMotif Master BrownMotif Master Brown
FeetBarbaricShadowhide – Boots of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)v14Coldharbour Ash BlackOrichalc GreenPact Blood Red
WeaponNoneTwo Handed Sword : Dominion’s GreatswordLegendary (Gold)v14
OffhandPlease choose racial motif

Where to Obtain:

Head: Craglorn drop / guild trader

Shoulders: craft

Chest: craft

Hands: craft

Waist: craft

Legs: Craglorn drop / guild trader

Feet: craft

Weapon: Cyrodiil / guild trader