Noctume Arachneare Mortis [EU]

  • Character: Noctume Arachneare Mortis of EU
  • Submitted by: Noctume
  • Female Vampire Breton

    – Hair style : Adorable assassin
    – Haid marking : Royal Purple Lipstick
    – Facial Accessorie : Brazenheart Circlet (is silver because of the skin color of the character, here the lightest possible without vampirism)
    – Jewel : Quicksilver Teardrop
    – Body Marking : Aurbical Symbols (lighter with vampirism)
    (will switch to Blackmarrow Necromancer skin without Marking when I will have it)
    – Personnality : Brassy Assassin

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    ShouldersEbonshadow PauldronsNormal (White)Clockwork City Daily questMaormer-Eyes Gray
    ChestGrim Harlequin robeNormal (White)Crown Store during Halloween festivalPillager PurpleColdharbour Ash BlackAdamantine Silver
    HandsXivkyn glovesNormal (White)Trophy Vault – Imperial CotyColdharbour Ash BlackAdamantine SilverNightshade Purple
    WaistAssassins League girdleNormal (White)World / Delves Bosses – Golden CoastAdamantine SilverNightshade PurpleNightshade Purple
    LegsOrder of the Hour breechesNormal (White)The Roar of the crowds daily World Boss quest – Kvatch – Golden CoastColdharbour Ash BlackNightshade PurpleAdamantine Silver
    FeetOrder of the Hour shoesNormal (White)The Roar of the crowds daily World Boss quest – Kvatch – Golden CoastBoss Butcher BrownAdamantine Silver
    WeaponEbonshadow StaffNormal (White)Clockwork City Daily questColdharbour Ash BlackAdamantine Silver
    OffhandFrostcaster staffNormal (White)Crown Store during Christmas festival