Bogdan the Nightflame

  • Source:
    • Helm: Drops from “Bogdan the Nightflame” in Veteran Elden Hollow II
    • Shoulders: Maj al-Ragath’s chest
    • Weapons: Crown Store (Outfit Style only)
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Max Health
    • (2 items) 2% chance when healing an ally to create a totem for 10.0 seconds. Totem heals allies in area for 1120 every 1.0 second. This effect has a cooldown of 6.seconds.

Nightflame - Female FrontNightflame - Female BackNightflame - Female Side

Nightflame - Male FrontNightflame - Male BackNightflame - Male Side

Nightflame - Argonian Male FrontNightflame - Argonian Male RearNightflame - Argonian Male RightNightflame - Argonian Male Side

Bogdan the Nightflame - Khajiit Female FrontBogdan the Nightflame - Khajiit Female RearBogdan the Nightflame - Khajiit Female RightBogdan the Nightflame - Khajiit Female Side



Recipe Reaper Red, Battaglir Green, Shrike Blue

Bogdan the Nightflame - Dyed FrontBogdan the Nightflame - Dyed RearBogdan the Nightflame - Dyed Side


Nightflame Bow 1Nightflame Bow 2Nightflame Greatsword 1Nightflame Greatsword 2Nightflame Mace 1Nightflame Mace 2Nightflame Shield 1Nightflame Shield 2Nightflame Staff 1Nightflame Staff 2