Nibani Ilath-Pal [EU]

  • Character: Nibani Ilath-Pal of EU
  • Submitted by: TamrielByGuar
  • This is supposed to be an assassin-style outfit, but with a bit more protection and plating than the usual Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood uniforms, hence the large amount of heavy set pieces. For this outfit I chose a faint purple to compliment the black/grey/white I incorporate into most outfits, but it is fairly easy to make variations in blue, red or just about any other color you like. Make sure to put a slightly darker dye on the gloves than on the rest in order to make the colors match.
    Head markings: Sunken eyes with Insect Legs / Facial hair: Dark emphasis eyelashes / Adornments: Topaz nose & ear rings.

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadNone / Assassin's League HelmetLegendary (Gold)Gold Coast delves/bossesWarrior’s SteelCovenant Vanquisher VioletWarrior’s Steel
    ShouldersFang Lair EpauletsLegendary (Gold)Fang LairCovenant Vanquisher VioletWarrior’s Steel
    ChestAssassins League CuirassLegendary (Gold)Gold Coast delves/bossesWarrior’s SteelJulianos WhiteCovenant Vanquisher Violet
    HandsDivine Prosecution GlovesEpic (Purple)Summerset Collector's EditionNightshade PurpleWarrior’s SteelWarrior’s Steel
    WaistFang Lair SashEpic (Purple)Fang LairWarrior’s SteelWarrior’s Steel
    LegsTsaesci GreavesLegendary (Gold)Crown StoreWarrior’s SteelWarrior’s SteelCovenant Vanquisher Violet
    FeetSilken Ring SabatonsLegendary (Gold)Cradle of ShadowsWarrior’s SteelWarrior’s SteelCovenant Vanquisher Violet
    WeaponAshlander StaffLegendary (Gold)Vvardenfell – Ashlander dailiesWarrior’s SteelCovenant Vanquisher VioletWarrior’s Steel
    OffhandTsaesci StaffLegendary (Gold)Crown StoreWarrior’s SteelWarrior’s SteelCovenant Vanquisher Violet