Muttonchop Skullcap

  • Source: Psijic Vault Crown Crate – Epic
  • Cost: 40 Crown Gems
  • The Muttonchop Skullcap is formfitting mage’s headgear that includes cheek pieces that extend down to the curve of the jaw. Distinguished!

Muttonchop Skullcap - Female FrontMuttonchop Skullcap - Female RearMuttonchop Skullcap - Female Side

Muttonchop Skullcap - Male FrontMuttonchop Skullcap - Male RearMuttonchop Skullcap - Male Side

Muttonchop Skullcap Argonian FrontMuttonchop Skullcap Argonian RearMuttonchop Skullcap Argonian Side

Muttonchop Skullcap Khajiit FrontMuttonchop Skullcap Khajiit RearMuttonchop Skullcap Khajiit Side


Battaglir Green, Recipe Reaper Red, Provisioner Brown

Muttonchop Skullcap Dyed FrontMuttonchop Skullcap Dyed RearMuttonchop Skullcap Dyed Side