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  1. Anonymous
    12 June 2020 @ 1449

    Thought this would give me the use of the craft bag but I guess not. Horrible purchase. 5 inventory slots is not worth 1,200 CROWNS!


  2. Anonymous
    12 June 2020 @ 1507

    The craft bag is available only to those who have an ESO+ subscription.
    The pack animal pets (rat & boar) only offer a 5 item increase in your inventory.


  3. Anonymous
    13 June 2020 @ 0803

    Where in the description did it ever imply it would give access to the craft bag? The craft bag has always been marketed with ESO+ only. Send in a ticket if you feel strongly about your “Horrible purchase.”


  4. Anonymous
    16 June 2020 @ 2305

    was hoping that we would get an auto loot pet o well maybe in the future


  5. shePhoenyx
    17 June 2020 @ 1206

    In case anyone was wondering, this stacks with the slots from the inventory boar pet to add 10 permanent inventory slots to all of your characters, regardless of whether or not you have the pet out and visible.


  6. Anonymous
    22 June 2020 @ 1715

    Why am I only get 5 slots then instead of 10?


  7. Anonymous
    22 June 2020 @ 2021

    You’re getting 5 slots because the pet gives 5 slots.

    The war boar gives another 5, for a total of ten between the two.


  8. Anonymous
    25 June 2020 @ 2312

    What you should be happy about is a game that is not pay to win. The crown store being vanity purchases and minor conveniences works for me. I love a total of 10 more slots. It’s really convenient


  9. CaptnBlack
    26 June 2020 @ 0500

    You get a follower pet that actually does something besides just follow you around.
    I’d say in that regard it’s absolutely worth it, compared to a pet that does nothing for the same price.
    And as others have pointed out, nowhere does it so much as allude to craft bag usage..


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