Morticide – NA


Character – Morticide – NA – Dragonknight

Submitted by – @Morticide828


Post Patch 1.3.3



PieceMotifNameQualityLevelPrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadNone(Hidden) Nord Medium armour Helm of the Night MotherLegendary (Gold)VR12Coldharbour Ash BlackArcane BlueNirnroot Gray
ShouldersKhajiitArm Cops of the Night Mother (Medium Armour)Legendary (Gold)VR12Coldharbour Ash BlackNirnroot GrayArcane Blue
ChestImperialRobe of the Night Mother (Light Armour)Legendary (Gold)VR12Coldharbour Ash BlackArcane BlueNirnroot Gray
HandsBosmerBracers of the song of Lamae (Medium armour)Epic (Purple)VR12Arcane BlueColdharbour Ash BlackNirnroot Gray
WaistDaedricBelt of the Song of Lamae (Medium Armour)Epic (Purple)VR12Coldharbour Ash BlackNirnroot GrayColdharbour Ash Black
LegsPrimalGuards of the Song of Lamae (Medium Armour)Epic (Purple)VR12Amethyst VioletClothier PurpleVoidstone Violet
FeetRedguardShoes of the Night Mother (Light Armour)Epic (Purple)VR12Coldharbour Ash BlackArcane BlueNirnroot Gray
WeaponPrimalDagger of the Night MotherLegendary (Gold)VR12
OffhandPrimalDagger of the Night MotherLegendary (Gold)VR12

Where to Obtain:

Head: Crafted

Shoulders: Crafted

Chest: Crafted

Hands: Crafted

Waist: Crafted

Legs: Crafted

Feet: Crafted

Weapon: Crafted

Offhand: Crafted