ESO Fashion


  1. Lilithene
    3 October 2019 @ 1701

    Please tell me how to get these.. Is it a rare drop from killing mobs? Pickpocket drop? Is it even still in the game? I would really love this for my House Dagoth character..


  2. Exile
    3 October 2019 @ 1707

    It drops in Forgotten Wastes, like it says at the top of the post. Dungeon drops are pretty rare though.


  3. NinaNiterose
    13 April 2020 @ 1532

    Not sure if it even still exists.
    I have all other pieces at least 3x, but this one has not even been for sale on ANY guild store for 5 months straight now and has been sold only ONCE in the past. Seriously, wtf?! It’s nothing you can buy on Crown Store, anyway, so why is this item so limited?


  4. Savvy Thorne
    21 April 2020 @ 1650

    Searched merchants for “sixth” and there aren’t any name matches.


  5. Andrew Batchelor
    11 October 2020 @ 1108

    Its 6th not sixth


  6. Uli Tim
    24 November 2020 @ 1246

    someone just selling it right now on PC-EU for 15 million, so its propably still ingame, just stupidly rare


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