Molag Kena

  • Source:
    • Head: Veteran White-Gold Tower final boss possible drop
    • Shoulders: Urgarlag Chief-bane’s chest
    • Weapons (Outfit Style): Crowns Store for 2,500 Crowns
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Weapon and Spell Damage
    • (2 items) Causing damage with 2 consecutive light attacks triggers Overkill, which increases the cost of all abilities by 33% and increases your Spell Damage and Weapon Damage by 516 for 6 seconds.

Molag Kena - Female FrontMolag Kena - Female BackMolag Kena - Female Side

Molag Kena - Male FrontMolag Kena - Male BackMolag Kena - Male Side

Molag Kena - Argonian Male FrontMolag Kena - Argonian Male RearMolag Kena - Argonian Male RightMolag Kena - Argonian Male Side

Molag Kena - Khajiit Female FrontMolag Kena - Khajiit Female RearMolag Kena - Khajiit Female RightMolag Kena - Khajiit Female Side

Individual Pieces

Molag Kena Helm - Female FrontMolag Kena Helm - Female RearMolag Kena Helm - Female RightMolag Kena Helm - Female Side

Molag Kena Helm - Male FrontMolag Kena Helm - Male RearMolag Kena Helm - Male RightMolag Kena Helm - Male Side

Molag Kena Pauldron - Female FrontMolag Kena Pauldron - Female RearMolag Kena Pauldron - Female Right

Molag Kena Pauldron - Male FrontMolag Kena Pauldron - Male RearMolag Kena Pauldron - Male Right


Molag Kena Bow 1Molag Kena Bow 2

Molag Kena Maul 1Molag Kena Maul 2

Molag Kena Shield 1Molag Kena Shield 2

Molag Kena Staff 1Molag Kena Staff 2

Molag Kena Sword 1Molag Kena Sword 2