Molag Kena

  • Source:
    • Head: Veteran White-Gold Tower final boss possible drop
    • Shoulders: Urgarlag Chief-bane’s chest
    • Weapons (Outfit Style): Crowns Store for 2,500 Crowns
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Weapon and Spell Damage
    • (2 items) Causing damage with 2 consecutive light attacks triggers Overkill, which increases the cost of all abilities by 33% and increases your Spell Damage and Weapon Damage by 516 for 6 seconds.

Molag Kena - Female FrontMolag Kena - Female BackMolag Kena - Female Side

Molag Kena - Male FrontMolag Kena - Male BackMolag Kena - Male Side

Molag Kena - Argonian Male FrontMolag Kena - Argonian Male RearMolag Kena - Argonian Male RightMolag Kena - Argonian Male Side

Molag Kena - Khajiit Female FrontMolag Kena - Khajiit Female RearMolag Kena - Khajiit Female RightMolag Kena - Khajiit Female Side


Molag Kena Bow 1Molag Kena Bow 2Molag Kena Maul 1Molag Kena Maul 2Molag Kena Shield 1Molag Kena Shield 2Molag Kena Staff 1Molag Kena Staff 2Molag Kena Sword 1Molag Kena Sword 2