Mighty Chudan

  • Source:
    • Head: Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun
    • Shoulders: Urgarlag Chief-bane’s chest
    • Weapons: Crown Store – 2,500 Crowns
  • Bonus:
    • (1 items) Spell Resistance
    • (1 items) Physical Resistance
    • (2 items) While equipped you gain Major Ward and Major Resolve, increasing your Physical and Spell Resistance by 5280.

Mighty Chudan - Female FrontMighty Chudan - Female BackMighty Chudan - Female Side

Mighty Chudan - Male FrontMighty Chudan - Male BackMighty Chudan - Male Side

Mighty Chudan - Argonian Male FrontMighty Chudan - Argonian Male RearMighty Chudan - Argonian Male RightMighty Chudan - Argonian Male Side

Mighty Chudan - Khajiit Female FrontMighty Chudan - Khajiit Female RearMighty Chudan - Khajiit Female RightMighty Chudan - Khajiit Female Side

Individual Pieces

Mighty Chudan Visage - Female FrontMighty Chudan Visage - Female RearMighty Chudan Visage - Female RightMighty Chudan Visage - Female Side

Mighty Chudan Visage - Male FrontMighty Chudan Visage - Male RearMighty Chudan Visage - Male RightMighty Chudan Visage - Male Side

Mighty Chudan Pauldrons - Female FrontMighty Chudan Pauldrons - Female RearMighty Chudan Pauldrons - Female Right

Mighty Chudan Pauldrons - Male FrontMighty Chudan Pauldrons - Male RearMighty Chudan Pauldrons - Male Right


Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green, Amethyst Violet

Mighty Chudan - Dyed FrontMighty Chudan - Dyed RearMighty Chudan - Dyed Side


Mighty Chudan Bow 1Mighty Chudan Bow 2

Mighty Chudan Mace 1Mighty Chudan Mace 2

Mighty Chudan Maul 1Mighty Chudan Maul 2

Mighty Chudan Shield 1Mighty Chudan Shield 2

Mighty Chudan Staff 1Mighty Chudan Staff 2