Maro Vendicci – EU

    • Character: Maro Vendicci of EU
    • Submitted by: Soclever


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadHat of Julianos – Glass (Light armor)Epic (Purple)CraftedSoul Shriven PaleDragonstar RedDragonstar Red
ShouldersMolag Kena’s Arm CopsEpic (Purple)Dragonstar RedDragonstar RedSoul Shriven Pale
ChestCuirass of Julianos – Mercenary (Heavy armor)Legendary (Gold)CraftedSoul Shriven PaleDragonstar RedDragonstar Red
HandsGloves of Julianos – Ancient Elf (Light armor)Legendary (Gold)CraftedDragonstar RedDragonstar RedSoul Shriven Pale
WaistSash of Turog’s pact – Dunmer (Light armor)Epic (Purple)CraftedDragonstar RedSoul Shriven PaleDragonstar Red
LegsBreeches of Julianos – Deadric (Light armor)Legendary (Gold)CraftedSoul Shriven PaleSoul Shriven PaleDragonstar Red
FeetShoes of Julianos – Xyvkyn (Light armor)Legendary (Gold)CraftedDragonstar RedDragonstar RedDragonstar Red
WeaponSword of the Torug’s PactLegendary (Gold)Crafted
OffhandSword of the Torug’s PactLegendary (Gold)Crafted