Madgod’s Turban

  • Source: Complete the quest “The Lunacy of Two Moons” in Elsweyr
  • “Though accounts vary as to Sheogorath’s appearance, several claim he wears a multihued turban. Would that I could verify this.” – Excerpted from Mistress Valaste’s journal, circa 2E 579

Madgod's Turban - Female FrontMadgod's Turban - Female RearMadgod's Turban - Female RightMadgod's Turban - Female Side

Madgod's Turban - Male FrontMadgod's Turban - Male RearMadgod's Turban - Male RightMadgod's Turban - Male Side

Madgod's Turban - Argonian Male FrontMadgod's Turban - Argonian Male RearMadgod's Turban - Argonian Male RightMadgod's Turban - Argonian Male Side

Madgod's Turban - Khajiit Female FrontMadgod's Turban - Khajiit Female RearMadgod's Turban - Khajiit Female RightMadgod's Turban - Khajiit Female Side


Quester Yellow, Shrike Blue, Battaglir Green

Madgod's Turban - Dyed FrontMadgod's Turban - Dyed RearMadgod's Turban - Dyed RightMadgod's Turban - Dyed Side