Luxora Prime [NA]

  • Character: Luxora Prime of NA
  • Submitted by: @imdbvirgle
  • Shout out to: GREAT HOUSE HLAALU GUILD @ Walks-In-Leaves – Elden Root – Guild Trader

    Matched Glass and Thieves set parts according to what you see here. (glass staff fyi)
    The dyes are Necromancer Blue (main), Rank 8 Materials (mostly secondary coloring) and Coldharbor Ash Black (for trim mostly).

    Luxora Prime CP 185
    Orc Female
    NA Server
    + Subsciber

    PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
    HeadGlass heavyEpic (Purple)Guild traderNecromancer BlueNecromancer BlueColdharbour Ash Black
    ShouldersThieves Guild heavyEpic (Purple)Guild traderNecromancer Blue
    ChestThieves Guild heavyEpic (Purple)TraderNecromancer BlueRank 8 MaterialsColdharbour Ash Black
    HandsGlass HeavyEpic (Purple)TraderNecromancer BlueRank 8 MaterialsColdharbour Ash Black
    WaistGlass heavyEpic (Purple)Necromancer BlueRank 5 Materials
    LegsThieves GuildEpic (Purple)Coldharbour Ash BlackRank 8 MaterialsNecromancer Blue
    FeetGlass heavyEpic (Purple)Necromancer BlueRank 8 MaterialsColdharbour Ash Black
    WeaponGlass Long SwordEpic (Purple)Necromancer BlueNecromancer BlueRank 8 Materials
    OffhandGlassNecromancer BlueNecromancer BlueColdharbour Ash Black