Katt Blade [XBox One]

    • Character: Katt Blade of XBox One
    • Submitted by: ArchMikem

Use of Mercenary style + color neutral colors for a very utilitarian militaristic look. Khajiit Chest for some Lore Friendliness and a Hood to top it off, in case it ever rains.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadSoul Shriven Hood of Kvatch GladiatorEpic (Purple)CraftedColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersMercenary Arm Cops of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)CraftedThalmor BlackColdharbour Ash Black
ChestKhajiiti Jack of Hundings RageEpic (Purple)CraftedColdharbour Ash BlackThalmor BlackColdharbour Ash Black
HandsMercenary Bracers of the Kvatch GladiatorEpic (Purple)CraftedThalmor BlackColdharbour Ash Black
WaistImperial Belt of the Kvatch GladiatorEpic (Purple)CraftedThalmor Black
LegsMercenary Greaves of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)CraftedThalmor BlackTelvanni Brown
FeetMercenary Boots of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)CraftedThalmor BlackColdharbour Ash Black
WeaponMercenary Dagger of Hunding’s Rage/Sword of Kvatch GladiatorEpic (Purple)Crafted
OffhandArgonian Bow of Hunding’s RageEpic (Purple)Crafted