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ESO Fashion


  1. Anonymous
    11 June 2021 @ 0916

    Is there some reason you neglected to include the information on what pieces (both) these versions are using. All the categories are blank. Other users that the time to share this, not just post vanity pics.


  2. Anonymous
    12 June 2021 @ 1744

    They’re not obligated to fill those sections in and many other users don’t as well. They’ve also stated previously, they recommend going to the outfit station to find the pieces yourself so that you can personalize it and they have already listed the major pieces.


  3. Anonymous
    13 June 2021 @ 1413

    There are not listed on this posting which is what I was talking about. Who has time to go find umpteen old posts to find information? rdl


    13 June 2021 @ 1821

    Trinimac light chest, Arthkzand heavy pauldroms, Doctrine Ordinator gloves, Worm Cult medium legs or Greymoor heavy legs, SilverDawn heavy boots or Legion Zero Vigiles boots

    Mainly posting the characters when I couldn’t log in to double check the names. I’ve noticed most people don’t bother including the info and seeing as how they’re easy to check in the outfit station, I didn’t see the need to include it either. But I guess I’ll take the time to do it in the future!


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