Josephine Beth (Sorcerer Healer) [NA]

  • Character: Josephine Beth (Sorcerer Healer) of NA
  • Submitted by: BethyxBubblezz


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadHidden by OutfitEpic (Purple)
ShouldersMedium TelvanniEpic (Purple)Noxophilic Black
ChestLight WelkynarEpic (Purple)Soul Gem PurpleSoul Gem Purple
HandsMedium WelkynarEpic (Purple)Noxophilic Black
WaistHeavy AldmeriEpic (Purple)Volunteer’s Iron
LegsHeavy Psijic OrderEpic (Purple)Pillager PurpleNoxophilic Black
FeetLight WelkynarEpic (Purple)Soul Gem PurpleNoxophilic Black
WeaponAbnur Tharn's Staff (Olorime's Resto Staff)Epic (Purple)Event style page and Cloudrest for staffNoxophilic BlackSoul Gem PurpleSoul Gem Purple
OffhandVelidreth (Lightning Staff of Willpower)Epic (Purple)Obtained through Undaunted/ Dailies.Noxophilic BlackAmethyst VioletNoxophilic Black

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleDominion War Locks
Head MarkingN/A
Facial HairDark Emphasis Eyelashes
Major AdornmentN/A
Minor AdornmentPearl Drop Earrings
Body MarkingN/A
PersonalityBrassy Assassin
MountClouded Senche-Leopard
Non-Combat PetNew Moon Senche Cub