Jaimini Xanex [NA]

  • Character: Jaimini Xanex of NA
  • Submitted by: Axolotl_Kid

This is my first steady outfit for my first ever character! Lets call it the "Thorny Healer" outfit. I have a couple different pics, with Barbaric Hat and without the hat. The "Maormer Fish" skin helps to keep more of the original skin and facial appearance, and gets rid of that horrid "white" skin look from being a vampire. While she is a healer, she is a bit of a nihilistic goth, loves spikes, and to relax free bases skooma at drum circles in the Black Marsh.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadBarbaric HatJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersDaedric PauldronsColdharbour Ash BlackJulianos White
ChestArgonian Jerkin 1Coldharbour Ash BlackJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash Black
HandsWood Elf Bracers 4Coldharbour Ash BlackJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash Black
WaistBarbaric GirdleJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash Black
LegsArgonian Guards 2Coldharbour Ash Black
FeetWood Elf Boots 4Julianos WhiteColdharbour Ash Black
WeaponDraugr StaffJulianos WhiteJulianos WhiteJulianos White
OffhandDro-M'athra Staff

Appearance and Companions:

Hair Style
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor Adornment
Body Marking
SkinMaormer Fish
MountGlowgill Guar
Non-Combat PetPsijic Mascot Guar Calf